Nutella and Cookies Tart Without Oven

It is wonderful that there are simple recipes in which you can prepare an incredibly tasty dessert in just 15 minutes. Try cooking this delicious cake without baking. You will not regret!


  • Cheese «Filadelfia» 500g
  • Nutella 400g
  • Cookies 250 grams
  • Butter 100 g


Mix a tablespoon of Nutella pasta with butter. Microwave the mixture on medium power so that it melts.

Moisten the cookies with water, or better soak them in milk and crumble, mix with the butter and nutella mixture. Place in the refrigerator.

Beat the remaining Nutella and Philadelphia cheese (or any mild cream cheese) with a mixer or blender. Put the dough in the refrigerator.

After a while, remove the cake bottom from the refrigerator. Place it in a mold and smooth with a glass.

On top of the base, place the cooked cheese dough and the chocolate-nut paste. Align the surface. Wait a little while for the cake to be soaked.

The dessert is ready: a combination of soft cheese and chocolate gives a wonderful flavor. On top of the cake you can decorate it with walnuts.

This cake will become an authentic pleasure for any chocolate lover. A delicious dessert that will be ready in a matter of minutes. If you like the recipe for this delicacy, share it with your friends.

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